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ggtern on CRAN

ggtern is now available on CRAN!

New Geometry – Confidence Regions

One of the first suggestions that was presented to me, was by Sean Mulcahy, whom suggested

PPS 3-State Model

I recently found THIS site on the internet which I thought would be another good case-study.

New Geometry – Tline, Lline & Rline

The latest version of ggtern,, has several bug-fixes and improvements. One worth mentioning, is the


Sean Mulcahy made an example of plotting Elkin and Grove's 1990 Feldspar Data. Here is an


Here is a Hello-World Example for creating ternary diagrams in ggtern. Almost identical to building a

Available Themes

One of the great features of ggplot2, is the way in which the theme architecture has

Patched Density Functions

Modifications have been made to the smoothing and density functions so that something like the following

Patched Smoothing Functions

Similarly to the modifications to geom_density(…), modifications have been made to the smoothing so that something