New Geometry – Confidence Regions

One of the first suggestions that was presented to me, was by Sean Mulcahy, whom suggested that it would be a good idea to consider confidence regions, as presented HERE (Original Source Not Available Anymore). I am plesed to say that a new geometry (geom_confidence) has been created, and, is available since version, continue reading for a couple of examples.

Basic Case

Here is an ‘out of the box’ example, using Sean’s Feldspar data, for the default 50%, 90% and 95% confidence intervals:

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

Code for the above:

ggtern(data = Feldspar, aes(An, Ab, Or)) +
    geom_confidence() + geom_point() +
    labs(title = 'Feldspar - Elkins and Grove 1990 + Confidence Levels')
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