ggtern on CRAN

An update to ggtern, version, is now available on CRAN!

This version includes a number of updates, and, additional functionality, which can be summarized below:

  • Better Documentation
  • Theme commands were brought back inline with the ggplot2 format, for example, theme_tern_bw() has been superceded by theme_bw() as per ggplot2
  • The default theme (theme_gray()) was modified to be more alike that of ggplot2 (ie white gridlines, no border)
  • Creation of new convenience functions
  • Introduction of error handling protocols as per ggplot2, but specific to ggtern
  • Use of ‘units’ in ggtern theme elements where appropriate
  • Depreciation of element_ternary in favour of individual theme elements.
  • Added functionality for secondary ticks, which are ticks on the opposite binary axis to that of the primary ticks.
  • Fixes to a number of bugs in the rendering process
  1. sathiyaseelan
  2. fekrache

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