ggtern on CRAN

An update to ggtern, version, is now available on CRAN!

This version includes a number of updates and functionality, which can be summarized below:

  • Inclusion of USDA Soil Classification Data, accessed by: data(USDA)
  • Creation of New geometries for ternary errorbars, ie, geom_errorbarT, geom_errorbarL and geom_errorbarR
  • Creation of convenience functions (theme_showtitles and theme_hidetitles) for hiding or showing the apex titles
  • Creation of convenience functions (theme_showlabels and theme_hidelabels) for hiding or showing the axis ticklabels
  • Convenience function for the setting of the ternary arrow baseline (theme_arrowbaseline(value))
  • Better handling of convenience functions for hiding (and showing which is new) major or minor gridlines

Further improvements include:

  • Improvement on arrow positioning relative to ticks and axis labels.
  • Removal of grid elements for existing axes (ie not just using blank elements)
  • Creation of theme_minimal, equivalent to the ggplot2 version.
  • Creation of theme_classic, equivalent to the ggplot2 version.
  • Creation of ggtern.multi function, for arranging multiple plots.
  • Changed the default mapping T=y, L=x and R=z, since it is likely that people new to ternary plots will find this more intuitive, created global options so this can be modified.
  • Modified logic so that T, L and R ALWAYS relate to the Top, Left and Right apex, regardless of assignment in coord_tern(…).
  • Documentation Improvements and Several Bug Fixes.

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