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Have a look at our latest package, contoureR, currently in BETA, this will probably be incorporated into ggtern down the track.

ggtern on CRAN

An update to ggtern, version, is now available on CRAN!

This version includes a number of bug fixes:

  • Added convenience functions, and global options for modifying the length of the ternary arrows easily.
  • Fixed broken ggsave function, which was not using the local print function.
  • Fixed geom_errorbarR reference in geom_errorbarT and geom_errorbarL aesthetic check.
  • Fixed some missing export functions in NAMESPACE file
  • axis.tern.arrowstart and axis.tern.arrowfinish can now take vectors

The source is available on CRAN (click HERE)  and should have propagated throughout the CRAN servers by now.

  1. Rod Baker

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