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ggtern 2.0 now available

Recently ggplot2 received a severe makeover by releasing version 2.0, and in the spirit of improvement,

User Request – Shepards Classification of Sediments

I received a request overnight on how to render the Shepard’s classification diagram, which is an

USDA Textural Soil Classification

Included in the next version ( of ggtern, will be a new data set, taken from

User Request – Middle Segments

Recently, a user of ggtern was desirable to produce a plot similar to what can be

PPS 3-State Model

I recently found THIS site on the internet which I thought would be another good case-study.


Sean Mulcahy made an example of plotting Elkin and Grove's 1990 Feldspar Data. Here is an


Here is a Hello-World Example for creating ternary diagrams in ggtern. Almost identical to building a

Patched Density Functions

Modifications have been made to the smoothing and density functions so that something like the following

Patched Smoothing Functions

Similarly to the modifications to geom_density(…), modifications have been made to the smoothing so that something