ggtern is available for the statistical language R and is hosted on The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). It is open-source, and installation is very simple via the following command in an R terminal.

If you have issues with the above, perhaps you get error saying ‘ggtern is not available for R version XYZ’, then that is no problem, download the latest .tar.gz file, say ggtern_1.0.X.Y.tar.gz from HERE, and run the following command from an R terminal:

R is a functional language, an environment for statistical computing and can be obtained HERE for free. I runs on a wide variety of operating systems, including UNIX, Windows and MacOS. Furthermore, it is very simple to run R scripts directly from the command prompt, however, if you prefer an integrated development environment (IDE), RStudio is one such IDE which can be obtained HERE.

Post installation, how can I get started?

If you have experience building R packages, then you will appreciate the quality control which is enforced by the CRAN volunteers – including a minimum level of documentation standard that must me met, therefore, once installed, the following contains many examples and should prove to be a good starting point with regards to this package.

Pricing – so how much is it?

ggtern can be downloaded and used for FREE under the GPL-2, however, if it is of benefit and you and are feeling generous, you may like to by me a coffee.

Are ther any other requirements?

Like most packages in R, where a degree of dependency exists in favor of packages produced by other authors, ggtern makes use of the following packages:

  1. ggplot2(>=
  2. proto
  3. grid
  4. scales
  5. plyr
  6. gtable
  7. MASS
  8. sp

During installation, should these packages NOT be installed on the users system, an error will be thrown, reporting that ‘XYZ’ package is not currently installed, and you will need to install them from repository or source in the same manner as mentioned above.

This is awesome!, can I contribute?

If you wish to contribute to the ongoing development of this project, or want to use the latest development version, a Git repository can be found HERE.


The software made available at this site are provided “AS IS”, without warranties of any kind.